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The Kindest of Deaths

30.00 zł

2015 Metal Mind Productions

  1. Wreckage, Part I

  2. Crippled King

  3. The Lesser Evil

  4. The Fury In Me

  5. Dull Knives and Dead Friends

  6. Seeds and Stones

  7. The Greater Good

  8. Demon Days

  9. Wreckage, Part II

  10. A Painful Reminder

  11. The Kindest of Deaths


All music written by Michał Stemplowski

All lyrics written by Wojciech Kałuża



Michał Stemplowski – guitars & percussion

Wojciech Kałuża – vocals

Marcin Łyźniak – bass

Łukasz Jurewicz – drums & percussion


Produced by J. D. Overdrive & Piotr Gruenpeter a.k.a. Haldor Grunberg

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Piotr Gruenpeter a.k.a. Haldor Grunberg @ Satanic Audio

Assistant Engineer: Jakub Radomski


Words of wisdom in “The Lesser Evil” by Bill Hicks, taken from “Relentless”

Words in “The Kindest of Deaths” spoken by Robert Oppenheimer


Band logo by Agnieszka Daniłowicz


Cover & booklet artwork by Maciej Kamuda

Cover & booklet design by Jarek & Oliwia Wieczorek ( & J. D. Overdrive


Band & inlay photos by Marta Lebiocka & Marcin Pawłowski