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Fortune Favors the Brave

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2013 Metal Mind Productions

1. Bad Karma

2. Born to Destroy

3. Funeral Stopper

4. Beware the Boozehound

5. Standing Tall

6. Call of the South

7. Shadow of the Beast

8. The Revelation

9. Like Heroes to the Slaughter

10. Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst


All music written by: Michał Stemplowski

All lyrics written by: Wojciech Kałuża



Michał Stemplowski – guitars

Wojciech Kałuża – vocals

Łukasz Pomietło – bass

Łukasz Jurewicz - drums


Produced by: J. D. Overdrive

Mixed and mastered by: Piotr Gruenpeter @ Soundhouse


Guest vocals on “Call of the South” by Bartosz “Barton” Szarek of Lostbone

Guest vocals on “Beware the Boozehound” by Rafał “Rufus” Trela of Corruption / Hellectricity

Guest solo on “Beware the Boozehound” by Piotr “Dziki” Chancewicz of MECH

Guest keys on “Beware the Boozehound” by Piotr “Voltan” Sikora of Leash Eye / Exlibris


Bad Karma” uses source material from “Night of the Living Dead” directed by George A. Romero


Words of wisdom on “Like Heroes to the Slaughter” by Bill Hicks, taken from “Revelations”